Welcome! I am humbled and stoked that you have taken the time to visit my website, and to learn a little about me. Time is a valuable thing, and the most important moments that compose our time tend to be filled with emotion.

I learned this early on in life. Flipping through the pages of one of my parent's magazines—too young to read the words, yet enamored by the pictures—I came across an image that was filled with so much emotion that it set my life on course. I was inspired from that point on to capture images that pull you into the moment and evoke emotion.

Each day is comprised of multiple moments. Some are calm, some wild, and then there are the moments that change everything—those moments in between. The fractions of a second between an action and a reaction. That is where I thrive.

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Liv Lyons
Member of Black Women Photographers
Based in Lynnwood, WA

Email:  Liv@livlyons.com​

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